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  Pig Guy has been defeated by Monkey King


  唐僧:I’m from the east ,go to the west,to seek for the scriptures.

  悟空:Master,are you tired.let’s have a rest```

  唐僧:I am fine.let’s have a rest later.(唐僧继续唱了一遍)

  悟空:Master,are you tired.let’s have a rest

  唐僧:I am fine.(唐僧继续唱)

  悟空:master,can you stop,.

  唐僧: I’m from the east ,go to the west,to seek for the scriptures.

  悟空:shut up,I can’t stand you any longer.I beg you stop!I feel mad!you are singing all the time!

  唐僧:Is like a noisy?

  悟空:No,it’s sweet sounding!But today I don’t want to listen music!So,please don’t sing!

  唐僧:Ok,go ahead!I am``(唐僧刚想唱,悟空回头,师停止)


  唐僧:Look! There is a house over there.

  悟空:really!let’s me have a look!


  悟空:Answer my master!there is a beauty and a old couple.

  唐僧:Knock the door!

  悟空:(空过去像土匪一样敲门)Open the door! (门没开,悟空回来)

  唐僧:You should be polite!like this````


  唐僧:Excuse me, sir. I am the monk from the east.(大声三遍,门房才开)


  Daddy, mommy, I, I …

  老头: Honey, hurry up. The spirit is coming soon.



  唐僧:Excuse me, sir. I am the monk from the east. Can we stay over here tonight?

  老头(做哽咽状):Oh, you are the monk from the east. Sure. Sure, come in, please ……别过脸去继续哭泣)


  老妈: Master, please save my daughter, save my family…

  唐僧: Don’t be sad, madam. Take it easy. What happened?

  老头: Master, there is a spirit here. He wants to marry my daughter, tonight. We are all afraid of him.

  唐僧: Calm down, sir. My apprentice has great capability. Maybe, he can help you.

  老头:Really!Where he is?


  老头:A monkey?

  唐僧:Yes!He is a monkey.A super monkey.

  老头: Alas! , master, there have been many people who boast to be very capable. But every time, they were defeated by the spirit. You’d better keep away tonight.

  悟空: What? Is the spirit really so strong? I’d like to see how great he is. All of you

  just stay inside. Don’t come out no matter what happens.




  猪八戒(大笑着耀武扬威地走上场来,嘴里大喊):Darling, here I am.


  八戒: Darling,don’t be so shy! Please come to me. Come on, we will be a couple.


  八戒: Darling,don’t be afraid. Although I am ugly, I am so powerful. I am sure that I

  can make you happy.


  八戒: Darling, why do you look like a monkey ?

  小娘子: When I am happy, I always tickle.

  八戒: Fine, let’s go to the bedroom.


  八戒: Darling. Why are you so powerful?

  小娘子: Honey, your appearance will frighten my parents. We’d better go to your home.

  八戒: Go to my house?OK. that’s a great idea. Let’s go.


  小女子: I cannot walk any further. Can you carry me on your back?

  八戒: Carry you on my back? All right. You're my wife after all. Come on.

  八戒把小女子背上: Darling, Let's go.

  小女子(在八戒头上一点):Okay. Let’s go.


  八戒: Darling, why are you so heavy?

  小女子: Do you think so? Don't you want to carry me?)

  八戒: Yes, I do. I do.



  八戒: Darling, are you OK? Darling, where are you? Why can't I see you?

  女子(偷偷地笑,再装作痛苦的样子):Honey, I am here.

  八戒: Darling. Why did you go up there?

  小女子: That's your fault.

  八戒: Sorry, darling. I’m very sorry.

  小女子: You look so tired, and I feel sore. Let’s have a rest.

  八戒: Have a rest? That’s a good idea. Let’s have a rest.


  小女子(撒娇地):Honey, how can I marry you? I don’t even know where you come from. You must tell me the truth first.

  八戒: Alas! Don’t mention it ,I was Tianpeng marshal .I could fly between the heave and the word !Only because I made a big mistake! That day , I was wandering in the heaven street!I saw a beauty! Her name is :嫦娥!(刹那回头开始回想)




  两人深情对视。。。音乐莫扎特 第40号交响曲 起,跳舞,


  八戒:My lord! It’s not my fault! I beg you pardon!

  玉帝:How dare you do that!? You are hung together!


  嫦娥:Daring! He ``he tease me! He tease me!

  玉帝怒!:Ya! Tianpeng ,I will punish you! Turn you as a pig! A ugly pig!

  嫦娥:my lord! Where should we go for dinner tonight?

  玉帝:what about 天骄园?

  嫦娥:(撒娇)no no !let’s go to the 紫荆园!there have air condition !

  玉帝: That’s Ok .My daring!


  八戒:I was punished by yudi .So I became a pig! That’s why I was so ugly!

  玉兰:You look too ugly to meet people.

  八戒: I didn’t want to come here. Nanhai Guanyin asked me to wait for Tangseng. I've been

  waiting for a long time, but nobody has come. It’s lucky to meet you here. (八戒高兴地过去想拉小女子的手)

  小女子(把手甩开):You said that you were an immortal in the heaven . Why can’t you carry me? It’s impossible!

  八戒: I am really the immortal. Why don’t you believe me?

  小女子 Show me some gongfu then.

  八戒: OK, let me show you my gongfu.


  八戒: Darling. Why are you so strong?

  小女子: Pull me out if you can .


  八戒: How could you let me fall down? Don’t kid any longer.

  悟空大笑: You Silly! Look at me. Who am I?

  八戒一看, My god! You are Mahatma!


  八戒: Can you?

  悟空: yes,I can’t, so what, I will fight you.


  悟空: Dare you wive yet?

  八戒: No, no. I dare not. Please forgive me, Mahatma.

  悟空: I bet you dare not.


  悟空: You silly, where are you going?

  八戒: I'll never make trouble any more. Why don't you let me go?

  悟空;;You silly, I'm taking you to meet the sutra-seeker.

  八戒: What? Has Tangseng come?

  悟空: Yes. Let's go!


  悟空: Master, please come out! The spirit has been defeated !


  悟空: You silly, kneel down to meet your master.

  八戒:Master, nice to meet you here.

  唐僧:My prentice, what's up?

  悟空: Master, he will accompany you to the west at Guanyin's behest.

  唐僧:I see! Thank Guanyin! Since then, I will take you as my prentice and name you Bajie.

  八戒: Thank you, my master!

  唐僧:Let's go ahead, my prentices.


  Master, I don’t want to go, I don’t.

  悟空:Bajie, there is nothing to attach to. you’d better go with us.


  Bajie:How old are you gulu youwe.

  Sun:I’m twenty gulu youwe.

  Bajie:Do you like poping gulu youwe.

  Tang:I can’t poping gulu youwe.

  Bajie:So,I don’t want to go with you.



  Wulan:Seeking scripture is so hard,you should try your us on.


  Yu’s dad:You leave ,don’t back.


  Bajie :Master,let’s go…